Tilton River Rustics
Rustic Home Decor
Rustic accents for any decor.


 Cinnamon Light
 This metal light has a beautiful rusty
 looking treatment that is actually
 made with cinnamon.
 Glass sides feature mullberry paper
 and every light comes with a 6' cord
 with off/on switch and nightlight bulb.
 For indoor use.
 Dimensions: 6"w  x  6"d  x  16"h
 Free shipping in the continental US.
 Alder-Wood Wreath
 Natural slices of dried alder wood
 were used to create this all season
 wreath. A vibrant green burlap bow
 with a metal hanger adds color.
 Dimensions including hanger:
 17"w  x  23"h
 Can be used indoors or 
 outdoors in a protected area.
 Free shipping in the continential US