Tilton River Rustics

About Us

 August of 2005 was very good to us. My husband Keith and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and were able to acquire a modest second home on five acres along the Tilton River near Morton, Washington. And our lives have not been the same since.

My husband has access to fishing right outside of our front door. And I  have access to a wealth of natural materials just outside of our back door. What started out as a fun way for me to decorate our home in the mountains has now evolved into Tilton River Rustics.

I enjoy every aspect of creating rustic cabin/home decor. On weekends you will probably find me gathering materials for my next project. I harvest Alder saplings in the winter in order to retain the beautiful bark. These are then air dried for six months to a year depending on the size.  I also use standing dead Maple and Alder, which I clean and then stain a rich green. I found that the wonderful cedar bark was left behind when the mill removed the cedar logs from the holding yard and I love to incorporate this into my designs. During the week I am in the shop cutting and fitting branches to create my rustic art.

My husband plays a big role in the process. He uses locally milled rough cut cedar to build the bodies of the clocks, hat racks and whatever else needs to be made. He also stands on guard for cougars while I collect my organic treasures. And for that I am grateful.   

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do what I really love.

Thank you for visiting our website.

 Linda @ Tilton River Rustics